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Would you like to close your eyes for a few minutes and afterward feel relaxed, alert, and able to think more clearly. There is a lot of research which shows meditation can give you that and more. Of course the benefits were already there before science proved them. People's experiences showed the value of both the simple and complex meditative practices. Well, now you can keep up on the science and the experience. You'll find the most important pages of the site listed below, along with an opportunity to get a free e-book.

Some of the Benefits of Meditation

Less stress (actual lowering of cortisol and lactate levels)
Slower aging (possibly due to higher DHEA levels)
Reduction in irritability and moodiness
Rest (lower metabolic and heart rate)
Feelings of vitality and rejuvenation
Better learning ability and memory
Higher blood oxygen levels
Lower cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure
Greater creativity
Less anxiety

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The Best Meditation Music? - Which is the best meditation music? Many say that baroque music has some meditative effect on your brain, although it may be just particular pieces, possibly according to the beats-per-minute in the tune. Several compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach are commonly recommended, including... Continue reading here...

Meditation at Work - Many people assume that meditation at work is not an option. It seems that it would be too noisy if you work in a factory, or that there is no place to meditate in an office setting. But in almost any workplace there are ways to find... Continue reading here...

How to Let Go - Have you ever seen an angry child laugh, then hesitate and get angry again, as though trying to cheer him up was some dirty trick? He clings to his anger, even though objectively it is a more painful state than laughing. Adults do this too, of course. We've just learned to hide our feelings better. Perhaps if you are sad, for example, you secretly fight against... Continue reading here...

Have A Slow Day - Choose to slow down for an entire day once in a while. Become aware of your movements and what is going on around you. You may find that it is difficult not to fall back into the habit of rushing in certain circumstances. This is a chance to learn about yourself. Notice the thoughts which accompany this feeling, then take a deep breath and slow down again.

Listening to your own mind give you "good reasons" why you should be fearful over unexpected events is just like being friends with someone who thinks it's funny to find new ways to hurt you! - Guy Finley

A Meditation to Try Today

You can try this simple method to see the benefits of meditation in just minutes: Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and tense up your body for a moment. Now breathe deeply through your nose as you release the tension from every muscle one by one. As you feel each part relaxing, watch for parts that may escape notice, like a tight jaw. If tension remains somewhere, tense up that part again, then let it relax.

Let your breathing fall into a comfortable pattern, and pay attention to it. Be aware of your breath as it passes in and out of your nose. Though your mind will wander endlessly, all you have to do is continually bring attention back to your breath.

Is your mind is still too busy? Try naming the distractions as a way of setting them aside. Try, for example, saying in your mind, "itchy leg," "worried about work," or "anger," and then immediately return attention to your breathing.

Do this meditation for five or ten minutes, or for 100 breaths. When you open your eyes, you'll feel relaxed, and your mind will feel refreshed. You'll be better prepared for any mental challenges. You can start experiencing the benefits of meditation today. Why not try it now?

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